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eBook: Engaged and Static Learning

Key skills such as perseverance, analytics, and problem-solving are undoubtedly fostered in a collaborative classroom environment. Knowing this, how can you implement a computer science curriculum that best engages students and prepares them for careers in technology? Our eBook discusses two opposing theories and a case study from an educator that implemented an engaging computer science curriculum.

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Case Study: Warren Township

Mr. Yust did not think he could teach computer science. He worried that his background in social studies, math, and science would not translate to a third grade coding class. Using the comprehensive Codelicious Curriculum, however, Mr. Yust built confidence with the subject matter and saw incredible growth in his students.

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Case Study: Pike Township

MSD Pike Township wanted a way to bring computer science to their middle school students. They needed curriculum that appealed to beginners and could be taught without a dedicated computer science staff. Their ESL teacher, Mr. Reyes, used the Codelicious Curriculum to engage all of his students and appeal to each of their individual learning styles.

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