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In this 30-minute coding activity, you'll use Scratch to introduce your students to  the concept of loops. The lesson includes all the resources you'll need to successfully teach it -  no matter your experience with coding! We've designed this activity for third through fifth graders, but anyone new to coding will enjoy it.

Resources Include:

  • Overview of new Scratch 3.0 environment
  • Explanation of loops and the pen tool
  • Step-by-step guide to building the activity
  • Bonus "Challenge" activity for students to take it one step further

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Easy to Teach

The Codelicious curriculum is designed so that any educator can teach computer science, no matter their experience! If you can craft an essay, solve an equation, or analyze data, you can teach computer science.

Engages all Learning Styles

Not all students learn the same way - so why should we teach them all the same way? The Codelicious curriculum engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners! 

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