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Mr. Yust didn't think he could teach computer science.

Mr. Yust, a third grade teacher at Lowell Elementary, brought computer science into his classroom with the Codelicious Curriculum. Learn more about his experience with:

  • Curriculum customized for his 3rd Grade Class
  • Lessons that engaged the students' individual learning styles
  • Teaching Computer Science with zero experience



Read Mr. Yust’s story today.

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From Zero to Confidence

Mr. Yust had no experience teaching computer science. He worried that his background in social studies, math, and science would not translate to a third grade coding class. Using the comprehensive Codelicious Curriculum, however, Mr. Yust built confidence with the subject matter and saw incredible growth in his students.

100% of Mr. Yust's students improved foundational Computer Science skills.

Using curriculum customized for his 3rd grade class, Mr. Yust taught lessons that engaged the students' individual learning styles. He was able to measure their progress using Codelicious pre- and post-assessments throughout the semester.

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Computer Science Curriculum

The Codelicious Curriculum helps students learn a foundation of computer science and STEM skills. Students are introduced to problem solving and analytical skills in a way that engages them interactively and collaboratively with empowered teachers.

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Being a first-time computer science teacher undoubtedly comes with challenges. Download the case study to learn how Mr. Yust was supported throughout his time teaching the Codelicious Curriculum.