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In this quick 15-minute digital citizenship lesson, you will help your students think through password usage and safety. Use the following questions to start a conversation with your students:
  • What is a password?
  • Who should you share your passwords with?
  • Who shouldn't you share your passwords with?
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Our students have entered the digital age.

The proliferation of technology has undoubtedly presented many benefits; however, these benefits do not come without challenges. As our students consider the interconnected world in which we live, it is important that we bring these conversations into the classroom.

Computer Science is more than just coding.

The Codelicious Curriculum includes lessons that discuss the broader application of computer science and engage every learning style. In Digital Citizenship activities, educators guide students through discussions about living in the digital age.

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Pillars of Engagement

Digital Citizenship is just one of the Pillars of Engagement that the Codelicious Curriculum is built upon. Each Codelicious course features Digital Citizenship, Unplugged, Hardware, and Coding activities that are built to engage every learning style.

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Computer Science Curriculum

The Codelicious Curriculum helps students learn a foundation of computer science and STEM skills in elementary and middle schools. Students are introduced to problem solving and analytical skills in a way that encourages interaction and collaboration with empowered teachers.