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Engaging Students of All Learning Styles

MSD Pike Township wanted a computer science curriculum that engaged all of their students. Learn more about how Pike Township and their ESL teacher, Mr. Reyes, used the Codelicious Curriculum to:

  • Enable their students to average an 84% on their post assessment
  • Teach a computer science course without a dedicated computer science teacher
  • Create excitement in his classroom, even among students who typically struggle in school

Read Pike Township's story today.

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“A teacher is boring as heck, but a cell phone is fun as heck,”

Mr. Reyes declared. “If you can make your teaching seem like a cell phone, you are on to it.” Learn how Mr. Reyes used the project-based Codelicious curriculum to engage his entire classroom.

“Can you imagine the freedom some of these kids would have?”

Mr. Reyes taught the Codelicious Curriculum in an urban setting. He noted the instrumental role of code in opening doors for students in their professional lives. Learn more about Mr. Reyes’s journey by downloading the case study.

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Computer Science Curriculum

The Codelicious Curriculum helps students learn a foundation of computer science and STEM skills. Students are introduced to problem solving and analytical skills in a way that engages them interactively and collaboratively with empowered teachers.
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Compliant with educational standards, teachers will be able to see real progress and engagement with their students in a collaborative fashion. Each Codelicious course comes with a pre- and post-assessment so that educators can measure progress.