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Top 3 Ways You Can Use Computer Science as a Competitive Advantage

You may have read in the 2016 report Trends in the State of Computer Science by Google, that there is an increase in CS offerings and availability in the nation’s schools. In many cases, this creates a competitive advantage for enrollment as parents are looking for opportunities to build these skills in their students.

During this webinar, Codelicious CEO, Christine McDonnell, will discuss the top 3 ways other elementary and middle schools are using CS as a competitive advantage by:

  • Doubling or tripling the number of computer science courses being taught

  • Achieving 100% student improvement in computer science competency

  • Introducing both foundational and advanced CS curriculum that can be taught by any educator


Watch the Webinar Now!

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Easy to Teach

The Codelicious curriculum is designed so that any educator can teach computer science, no matter their experience! If you can craft an essay, solve an equation, or analyze data, you can teach computer science.

Engages all Learning Styles

Not all students learn the same way - so why should we teach them all the same way? The Codelicious curriculum engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners! 

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