Engaged vs. Static Learning in K - 8 Computer Science

Webinar on Thursday, June 27, 3:30pm EST

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Join Dr. Amy Rauch, educator and administrator (principal, curriculum director, asst. superintendent, superintendent) of 20 years, to discuss the pros and cons of engaged and static learning.

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of a static learning environment
  • The pros and cons of an engaged learning environment
  • Why engaged learning is important in K - 8 computer science
  • How to develop a project-based computer science curriculum

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There are pros and cons when choosing a pedagogy for a certain subject. 

Engaged and Static learning are both widely-known theories in education; they each have pros and cons when implemented in classrooms. When choosing a theory to implement computer science curriculum, you must consider how you hope to engage students and prepare them for a potential career in technology.

Creating an engaged learning environment is imperative for computer science programs. 

In computer science, you must foster key skills in your students, such as perseverance, analytics, and problem-solving, which are best grasped in a collaborative environment. Learn more about each theory and how to implement your computer science curriculum with an engaged-learning model in our upcoming webinar!

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